sabato 1 dicembre 2012

Rogif Von Biersborn

Gif di Roger Von Biersborn
deadliest weapon of the mushroom kingdom…its october! anddd i’m pretty close to having 666 followers!now i’m no scientist, but i’m pretty sure if you hit 666 followers in october, it’ll unlock some kind of cool gypsy curse…like a burning hand or spirit butt. in honor of that, i want to draw something for (un)lucky followers and mail it to them! here’s how i figure it’ll work:
on the day i collect my six-hundred-and-sixty-sixth soul, i’ll choose three people and send them an original drawing. if you want to give it a shot, just message me or email me or reblog with a comment or whatnot saying that you want to join me on my curse quest!
also reblog this if you like…it’ll be really disappointing if i get the 666th in november and end up with a thanksgiving curse instead. booooring. sassy robot.reblooorg! 
i’m a firm believer in the 3am Witching Hour concept.

Another reblorg!barffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffAlso, i did a set of ten of these quick pieces for Reblorg to post this week…so get ready for too many posts from me.yumfire and ice!poor little guy.this is my contribution to Lulinternet’s upcoming PEPPERONIPALS.COM pizzart collective. i’m really excited about it…seriously best idea ever!oh! and i’ve got a higher res version over HERE…in case you want to really get into it.lost soul!there’s a better one over here if you’d like..

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  1. Questo autore mi mancava, grazie per avermelo fatto scoprire. Buona giornata.